The Magical Journey of ‘The Bear and the Star’ 

Baby’s First Christmas

Our new ‘The Bear and the Star’ collection offers a sprinkling of winter wonderland magic for Baby’s First Christmas.
This winter we have designed a super soft personalised baby sleepsuit and Christmas sack featuring our gorgeous geometric bear travelling alongside his star.

In the shadows of the misty magic mountains amongst the frosty forest and falling fountains, there roamed a bear all alone and far from his home.

The glimmering wings of a hummingbird had caught his eye and got him thinking how, where and to why he flys.

So from just after breakfast when he started to chase; through elevensies, lunch, teatime and the rest of the day, until the hummingbird’s hums turned to snores and his wings did not shake and the bear looked up, down and around but did not know his place.

So he glanced up to the star, that seemed not so normally far and it got him thinking how, where and to why they were further apart.

So from the moment when he began to run, and through his midnight snack until almost the whole night was done, until the star got closer than the hummingbirds hum and it was so close it was as big as the sun.

So now in the light of the night’s biggest star amongst his Mumma and Papa in their big bear arms sleeps a bear all happy and cosy, dozy from a day and night being a little too nosey.